Want To Know What Your Competition Is Doing?

Want To Know What Your Competition Is Doing?

Investing in coaching requires upfront resources, however the long-term benefits of improved leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, and organizational performance will outweigh the initial costs. The stats are in!

Topics of Interest…


A complex and messy space, influenced by culture, personality, and emotion and containing opportunities for full self-expression, creativity, and connection.


Create beautiful relationships that enrich your life in amazing ways, bring you joy, laughter and a sense of belonging including the one you have with yourself.


Emotions, family patterns, past and learned behaviours all impact your financial health. Uncover the mysteries within you and gain access to new levels of wealth.

Personal Growth

By learning to love yourself more deeply and developing self compassion, your journey of growth will be filled with courage, confidence, and purpose.


Leadership is a multifaceted concept.  Learn how to build trust, foster collaboration, and increase engagement — all key components of successful leadership.


Build the business you’ve always dreamed of. Insight, innovative ideas, and game-changing strategies that will inspire, motivate, and guide you towards business success.

Family Business

With unique challenges that require tailored strategies for long-term success, build strong relationships, protect wealth, and cultivate generational success.

Well Being

Discover how to improve your well-being with this collection of articles on self-care, emotional intelligence, healthy habits, and mental health using a coach approach.

The problem with writing “content that sells”

The problem with writing “content that sells”

I have mostly silenced my social media presence as I explore my experience and thoughts about the social media I currently use. I have a big issue with posting on channels that continue to spew one-liners that people then take and do weird things with, such as self-harming or diagnosing others. Take a look at what you do with the posts you read and their effect on your mental health and creativity.

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The Inner Bully

The Inner Bully

On #PinkShirtDay, my inner bully is roaring. It taunts me with doubts and replays past moments of cruelty. But the real kicker? We’re not alone in this struggle. External forces—from society to friends—often echo our inner critic, fueling self-doubt and shame. Amidst this chaos, I’ve found a way to befriend my inner bully. Through years of work, I’ve learned to tame its harshness and uncover its brilliance. My journey into Process Oriented Psychology has been transformative, guiding me towards a deeper understanding of myself and others. If you’re feeling stifled or creatively blocked, know that you’re not alone.

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