Tracey Burns

Master Certified Coach

Let’s cause a world at peace beginning with you.

Hi, I’m Tracey!  A self identified adorable weirdo. I was born “highly sensitive” which turned out to be my super power and what emerged was my crazy intuition and ontological wizardry.

My Story

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and spent much of my life immersed in Scottish ways. As a young girl I loved to clamber  through the rocky glens and bluebell woods looking for traces of fairy magic.

We often picnicked on the moors, amidst castle ruins and circle stones. It is here where I first learned to forage for healing herbs and plants that led to a life long belief in natural healing remedies.

Though I’ve been professionally trained, the ancestral healers and mediums of my clans guide me and the ancient art of divination and scrying runs through my work. 

I’m a yes to life and I love making the impossible possible. I’ve caused many amazing, life altering experiences and hearing the four words, “you can’t do that” are like double dog daring me.

This zest for life is the essence of who I am and how I choose to live my life is in service of my purpose on the planet…

A World At Peace with Love & Light.


My Essence


Divine energy; The ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events; inner strength; love based force.


Significant and profound giving that plays a part in making something or someone successful. Selfless and generous.


Self-aware visionary; Empathetic and connected; Inspires people to follow; Creator and developer of new ideas.


A deep awareness of and active empathic presence; Understanding and appreciation of a person’s unique way of being.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; Whole, complete and undivided.


Full of Life. Attractively animated and energetic.

You Belong Here

“For soooo long my purpose, “world at peace” (2003 to be exact) unconsciously drove my social behaviour. I had no idea that my habit of rescuing every stray animal, bringing home every injured creature, including the excluded and automatically scanning to “feel” for peace and safety in groups was not typical behaviour.  Surrounded by people, I often felt alone and sometimes even hated.

If you crave belonging, feel like you don’t fit in, you don’t at all think like the majority and frequently find yourself “on the outside looking in”, separate, alone, wildly creative and “different”, I see you. We are kindred spirits. Your uniqueness is your gift and you were born for something extraordinary.   We need you exactly as you are and now more than ever, our planet needs you.

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