Out Late | A Journey of Self-Love

A funny and candid account of my journey from shame and self-doubt to self-love and acceptance as an LGBTQ2s+ individual who came out late in life. Where there’s more history, there’s more explaining to do, believe me. Discover what I learned along the way about the power of living authentically and embracing the beauty of self-expression. Get ready to laugh, cry and learn from my story – no matter how you identify!

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Coming out late in life wasn’t easy but it was the most honest thing I’ve every done. With humour, honesty, and raw emotion, I tell the very personal tale of my journey to self-love and acceptance. In sharing my story you’ll come away with a greater understanding and appreciation for the LGBTQ+ community. So whether you’re a member of the community yourself or an ally looking to learn more, my eBook is a must-read.



“The monkey bars were cold beneath my hands as I stretched and swung my body to and fro, feeling the gentle pull on my still-developing 10-year-old muscles. I watched as a family unloaded a picnic on a nearby table marvelling at how prepared they were. I was quickly learning that the outdoor ways of Canadians were not unlike our “wee drives,” complete with flasks, scratchy wool blankets and “pieces” tucked into wax paper. A boy and his sister came running to the monkey bars in a way that only kids can be, I soon found myself the focus of their genuine curiosity. As the kids scrambled up the bars a question shot my way that would alter my life forever. Are you a boy or a girl? Time stood still as I pondered the question, realizing I was at a choice point where everything could change… if only for an afternoon. Before I could grab them back, the words flew out of my mouth. “I’m a…”

Wow! Thank you for sharing your story it makes me feel like you are a kindred spirit because I came out late too. My parents were disapproving who painted a bleak picture for my future and that's simply not how it went. Great read from a positive role model!

Alison Stewart

Before reading your story the mere thought of any of my kids identifying as LGBTQ+ would have made me squirm. Instead, when my son came out I was able to respond supportively. Thanks for sharing your journey, it made a huge difference for both of us.

David H.

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Funny, engaging and informative. A captivating read that anyone can identify with no matter your beliefs or orientation.

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