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Storyteller, Writer, Speaker, Mum, Wife,

Dog Lover, Adventurer, Book Fanatic, Music Fan,

Lover of Life.

Life Adventures

I’ll give you the abbreviated version, you’ll thank me because I’ve caused a lot of adventures and each one has honed and shaped me as a person and also as a coach.  Here are just a few of the things that you’ll hear me share about when it’s appropriate and relevant either in my speaking gigs or when clients are curious about my journey.

Scottish Immigrant | White Picket Fence Life | Family Business Dynamics | Thyroid Cancer | Divorce | Trauma Inducing Custody Battle | Crippling Back Injury | Starting Over | Single Mum Guilt | Transition from Employee to Business Owner | Cash Strapped | Financial Loss | Out Late | Raising an Autistic Child | Autistic | Life Long Learner | Adorable Weirdo |

A fun crazy fact is that I’ve had my own coach since 2003, I currently work with them three times a month. In addition, I see a therapist and attend Coach Supervision in group or individually at least once per month.


Core Values:  Altruism, Adventure, Creativity, Harmony, Boldness

Professional Development

Process Oriented Facilitation - February 2024

Presented by David Bedrick

Communication: Access To Power - October 2021

Presented by Landmark Worldwide

Reconciliation - July 2021

Presented by the Indigenous Relations Academy

Master Certified Coach - May 2021

Awarded by the International Coach Federation

Trauma Informed Practice - December 2020

Presented by Alyson Quinn

Through the Firewall | Conversations about God, Prayer & Spiritual Issues - November 2020

Presented by Caroline Myss

Ethics - April 2020

Presented by The International Coach Federation

Whiteness At Work - November 2020

Presented by The Adaway Group

PCC Marker Training - February 2019

Presented by The International Coach Federation

Coaching Supervision - March 2018

Presented by Colin Brett & Tracy Sinclair, Coaching Development | London, UK

Hearthmath - August 2018

Presented by Dana Tomasino

Relationship Systems Coaching - September 2017

Presented by Marita Fridjhon

Team Coaching: A Deep Dive - June 2016

Presented by Colin Brett, Coaching Development | London, UK

Positive Psychology - June 2016

Presented by Colin Brett, Coaching Development | London, UK.

Transactional Analysis - June 2016

Presented by Colin Brett, Coaching Development | London, UK

Working With Couples - July 2015

Presented by Indrus Piche, MAA

Sacred Sexuality - July 2015

Presented by Indrus Piche, MAA

Professional Certified Coach - April 2012

Awarded by The International Coach Federation

Graduate, Accredited Coach Training Program - 2006-2007

Awarded by Accomplishment Coaching

Self Expression & Leadership Course - 2006

Presented by Landmark Education

Advanced Course - 2003

Presented by Landmark Education

The Landmark Forum - 2003

Presented by Landmark Education

Accredited Coach Training Program - 2003

Presented by Accomplishment Coaching

Programs I’ve Led

The Bomb Proof Executive

Viking Air Emotionally Intelligent Leader Program

Schnitzer Steel Management Trainee Program

A Coach Approach To Leadership

Mentor Coaching Program 

Celebrate The Entrepreneur

Thrive:  For Coaches

Accomplishment Coaching (ACTP) Victoria

Accomplishment Coaching (ACTP) Seattle

Accomplishment Coaching (ACTP) San Diego

Accomplishment Coaching (ACTP) Malaysia





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