Want To Know What Your Competition Is Doing?

Want To Know What Your Competition Is Doing?

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Written by Tracey

March 25, 2024

Doubling Down On Coaching That’s What

After all the statistics and research supporting the measurable benefits of coaching, I’m sad for organizations that cut coaching as part of their cost-cutting strategy. This thinking overlooks the critical fact that the exact time to invest in coaching IS when money is tight, budgets are constrained, and layoffs are deep.

Look, I’m not trying to shame you; I’m paid to reflect the tough stuff, remember?

I know I’m the fox in the hen house, but hear me out.  

Coaching Equals Insight

When done well, coaching evokes insight and action not immediately available to you. Coaching yourself doesn’t work. The most valuable treasure is deeply buried and tricky to access. However coaches are phenomenal archaeologists. The follow key areas require deep insight for an organization to thrive:

Strategic Leadership: In times of financial constraint, having a clear vision, goals, and strategic roadmap becomes even more critical for organizations to navigate challenges effectively and make informed decisions about resource allocation and priorities.

Effective Communication: Effective communication is essential for maintaining employee morale, engagement, and productivity, especially during times of uncertainty or change. Improving communication skills will help leaders foster trust, transparency, and alignment within the organization, leading to better collaboration and performance.


Insight Leads To Breakthrough Action

Team Development: Leads to higher levels of productivity, innovation, and satisfaction, which ultimately contribute to your organization’s success. High-value teams are better equipped to overcome challenges and achieve strategic objectives, even in challenging economic conditions.

Conflict Resolution: Effective conflict resolution skills are crucial for maintaining a healthy work environment, minimizing disruptions, and preserving relationships within the organization. Addressing conflicts promptly and constructively will prevent costly disruptions and foster a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.

Work-Life Balance: Supporting leaders to manage stress, and maintain equilibrium is essential for preventing burnout, retaining talent, and promoting employee well-being. Balanced leaders are better equipped to handle challenges and lead by example, contributing to a more resilient and sustainable organization.



Coaching Not Coaxing

Coaching is a word used in many different ways, making it difficult for consumers to experience it in its richest form. This confusion is what keeps it on the chopping block when times are tough. If you’ve been coaxed or consulted instead of coached, you’ll have missed out on the very essence of its true gift: our ability to hear what you can not and the insight that then becomes available to you.

While investing in coaching requires upfront resources, the long-term benefits of innovation, improved leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, and organizational performance far outweigh the initial costs. 

Additionally, coaching can be tailored to fit within budget constraints through targeted interventions and scalable programs that focus on high-impact development areas. Think team coaching!

Not to mention the kicker… one of my primary responsibilities as a coach is to walk with my clients through financial challenges, coaching their money bias and beliefs and supporting them to achieve extraordinary results outside of “I can’t”.

These biases and beliefs get in the way more than we realize, stopping us from getting creative, innovating and rising to the challenge of the times. 

And this is the exact edge we want to be, where leaders come alive and organizations soar.



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