I'm Tracey Burns, MCC

Ontological Coach & Consultant to adorable weirdos, fringe dwellers, dare to be differents, outliers, rebels, innovators and creators of wild and brilliant ideas… Extraordinary people up to cool things in life.

I was born to cause peace, one conversation at a time.

Who were you born to be?

Coaching Services

Whether you are a team facing new challenges and opportunities, or an individual seeking to make a change, I’m here to support your journey. Your uniqueness is your gift and you were born for something extraordinary.

Individual Coaching

Increase self-awareness, communicate with clarity, evoke possibility based conversations, restore harmony to your relationships, personal and corporate. Cause your life to be extraordinary and add velocity to your goals and aspirations. These are a few of the potential outcomes you can expect from the extraordinary experience of ontological coaching.

Team Coaching

Engage in the powerful process of team coaching, exploring the subsurface dynamics of individual team member personalities, sub-groups and how these interrelated factors affect team performance. Together we’ll identify and resolve conflict, recognize power dynamics, build team cohesion and promote team autonomy and sustainability. Adapt, innovate and align.


A consultation is conducted using an ontological approach and is a powerful choice should you need to talk something out, to access perspective and gain clarity with the support of a powerfully trained neutral third party. Perhaps you are unsure which session format will best serve you, your business or team. So. Many. Choices. Partner with me to identify the best fit for your specific needs.

Why invest in coaching?

Coaching, and specifically ontological coaching, focuses on your way of being. Your way of being informs your view or perception of the world around you. This view or perception then informs your actions and reactions. Once you become aware of how you are being, you have access to expand who you be to produce the results you desire for your life and open up new possibilities. This kind of coaching produces deep, sustainable change.


The bonds we form are vital to our mental and emotional wellbeing and survival. Access new ways of relating, deepen intimacy with self and others as access to peace and fulfillment.


 Expanding your speaking and listening gives you access to possibility, challenges your assumptions and unveils the real message that your words and actions both express and conceal.

Mind, Body & Soul

When your mind, body and soul are in harmony and balance this manifests in a feeling of wholeness, completeness and an overall state of optimum well-being. An explicitly holistic approach.

Family Business

Thrive in the face of the unique dynamics encountered in family operated businesses triggered by succession planning, intergenerational conflict, rapid growth, and the impact of death and divorce.  

About Me

My clients describe me as a “Doctor for the Soul” which touches my heart deeply. It’s an incredible compliment and in four powerful words, speaks to all of the things I aspire to be as a human and a coach.

Having been on my own healing journey for over 25 years, I’m a cheeky smash up of spirituality meets science and business. I am audacious, playful, intuitive and full of love.

Dr. Gabor Mate says, “The possibility of renewal exists so long as life exists. How to support that possibility in others and in ourselves is the ultimate question.”

I couldn’t agree with him more and my answer to his ultimate “how” question is, “ontological coaching”.

Client Success Stories

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