How to attract more coaching clients

Red shoes, standing on a dark sidewalk covered in white chalked hearts.

What I’m about to share are the tried and true methods of relationship building that I’ve used for almost 20 years. These methods have stood the test of time and technology and they’re still producing results so that’s something. Especially in a world that seems to be overflowing with every kind of coach you could imagine and every distraction known to mankind.

People Buy People, Not Products

This is a powerful phrase heard often in the Sales and Marketing industry. This means demonstrate genuine interest and curiosity in people. And whether you’re at the gym, grocery store, spa, out in nature or attending an event, beam your natural self.

Clients Are Everywhere

One of my favourite memories was getting hired when I fired myself for the day and headed to a local spa. I was so relieved to relax and stop stressing about my business and money situation that I must have been beaming from ear to ear. As I got ready to pay for my visit, a woman I’d noticed earlier approached and asked me what I did for a living. She said she couldn’t help but notice my energy and just had to know. After a brief discussion and some laughs, she hired me on the spot. Did I tell her what I did for a living? Absolutely! But I did it using an example from something she shared about her own life. My example led to an aha moment for her.

It was a simple exchange with lasting impact.

Listen in a Particular Way

When engaging with your world, being your most natural self, listen for coaching opportunities in every day conversation. They are everywhere! For example, I was in a coffee shop and in the market for a new Blackberry. A woman at the next table had the version I wanted and so I simply said, “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice your phone, I’m considering upgrading, mind if I ask you a couple of questions about it?” My questions were genuine, I really was upgrading my phone and her answers were pivotal to my phone choice. During that conversation I asked her what line of work she was in so that I had an idea of how she used her phone. She was a journalist for a top news station and also shared that she was having some struggles with her career. My questions about those struggles rolled out naturally and in a safe way given the setting. I listened to her fully and acknowledged her struggles. I offered one simple question. By the end of our chat we’d exchanged business cards at her request. She hired me because she’d never been listened to like that before and found herself with more clarity after our chat.

Think Outside The Box

Innovate. Do your research and then find the most direct way to get into relationship with the companies and individuals you would like to work with. I research often! I learn about wins, struggles, endeavours and future goals of the organizations and people I want to serve. I love this part and it shows deep respect for people’s time and pursuits when you’re informed and able to authentically compliment them or reference a recent award or win in their industry.

Define Your Follow-Up Process

I have a step by step process that I use that includes a follow-up plan with clearly identified actions and “by-when” dates for follow up. The key is to maintain consistency. All this is done in the spirit of relationship building and maintaining. I look for opportunity to add value, I connect great folks with jobs, books, website, tools and people where I think there’s a match or mutual need.


In coaching we have a huge opportunity to transform people’s lives even in one small exchange. What we do brings massive value and insight to those we serve. We shine a light on things that otherwise would remain in the dark, the unknown. The key to health, prosperity, peace, love and purpose lives in the unknown. As I’m often heard saying when my inner critic starts barking, “who the hell am I to stand in the way of another person’s possibility”.

My approach has been honed over many years, many books and some of the best sales training from other industries. I’ve wrapped it all into one program designed explicitly for coaches, Prosper In Partnership which I lead live providing instruction, tailored coaching, support and troubleshooting. Stay tuned for registration announcements!

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