Can passion lead to success?

Can passion lead to success?

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal Growth

Written by Tracey

April 3, 2023

Passion flows as vast and infinite as the universe. I meet individuals every day with amazing visions and I can say with 100% certainty that the only thing separating them from realizing their dreams is the belief that they can.  I’ve witnessed clients who have stopped pursuing their dreams literally days from achieving them. Where passion meets fear is a very interesting intersection.

Passion is the fuel that keeps us going, but it’s the refusal to give up that gets us to the finish line. ~ Tracey Burns

When someone stops short of their dream, their vision, there’s almost always pain where there’s passion. People stop for many reasons, finances, inflexibility, lack of support, lack of accountability, and unwillingness to work through their fear.

One thing is for sure, the passion still smoulders in them long after they choose to stop.

As Tony Robbins once said, inside every one of us is a powerful force that once unleashed can accomplish anything. I’ve been unstoppable and then I’ve stopped. And by doing so proved to myself that it isn’t hype, it’s 100% truth. When I was unstoppable I was running on pure passion.  I was passion in action, a girl on fire. Something interesting happened during this time.

My clients started to create huge results too, I began experiencing them “on fire, unstoppable”. You see, passion begets passion and unstoppable action begets unstoppable action.

It was incredible, beautiful and extraordinary to witness. There was hopefulness in the experience. Passion can be a motivating force behind success, and research supports this idea: People passionate about their work were more likely to experience greater success in life according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Additionally, passion can give people the drive to persist in difficult times and push through challenges that may otherwise stand in their way.


But passion is not enough; having the resources and support necessary is equally important for achieving your goals.

Furthermore, there are always external factors at play which can influence an individual’s success regardless of how much passion they possess. Success is ultimately a combination of different elements working together—including, but not limited to, passion.

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