The problem with writing “content that sells”

The problem with writing “content that sells”

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Written by Tracey

February 29, 2024

I have mostly silenced my social media presence as I explore my experience and thoughts about the social media I currently use. I have a big issue with posting on channels that continue to spew one-liners that people then take and do weird things with, such as self-harming or diagnosing others. Look at what you do with the posts you read and consider their effect on your mental health and creativity.

Reflective Realizations not Formulas

I’ve been looking at my posts and accepting the harm I may have unwittingly caused myself and others every time I chose telling, teaching or selling formula over evoking, witnessing and reflecting. 

Here are some examples.

Have you ever read a post about narcissistic traits and then used that information to identify someone in your life as one? Or perhaps you’ve decided you’re the narcissist? 

Have you ever read a post intended to support that creates shame and hopelessness instead? Like… “happiness is an inside job” or “happiness starts on the inside.” Perhaps you’ve tried that, and it hasn’t made a damn bit of difference, and now you’ve determined that there’s something desperately wrong with you because you can’t even get self-love right. 

On some of my darkest days, other people loved me when I wouldn’t or couldn’t, which eventually led to me loving myself. And it’s a thing I will continue to work on as long as I live.

Have you ever read “Three Tips to Become More…”, or some other formula or process promising change? I betrayed my deep knowing and posted a few under pressure from someone who “knew how to grow subscribers”. Sure, these tips work for some, but we are not “one size fits all,” so what do we do when they don’t work? Determine we’re flawed, declare that we’ve failed again, throw it all in the you-don’t-belong sack, and place it squarely on our shoulders to suffer under.

Embracing Authenticity Amidst Societal Pressures

Oh, and while it’s good practice to develop a healthy relationship to autism/high sensitivity/adhd/neurodiversity (fill in the blank) and recognize that, indeed, there are aspects of these that present us with extraordinary opportunities, we also need to witness the pain, the frustration, the limitations, the struggle that living with these also present. Overriding, dismissing, discounting, and even relating to these as superpowers before someone’s had a chance to express their pain, suffering, and struggle does more harm than good. It says, “Your pain doesn’t matter.”

Have you noticed a big run on healing and well-being these days, selling you, me and anyone who will listen on how to live a healed and optimum life? Are you healed yet? I’m not. What does it even mean to be “healed”? How’s your well-being? Optimum? Not mine. I will ever be in flux as I travel through the ages and stages of my life. I’m more interested in living true to myself, having a body that allows me to play on the floor with my Grandson, walk the dogs, dance whenever I feel like it and stretch into the weirdest positions when I scramble up rocks and logs at the beach. ????

Last year, I drank the Kool-Aid and bought an expensive program from a world-renowned consultant disguised as a “coach” who promised to teach me how to write so people would buy. I sold my soul and originality instead of trusting myself when I hit “register.” Instead of writing more, I stopped writing. Everything I did write felt empty and void of ME. I struggled with what I once enjoyed. I was devastatingly sad that my voice and writing weren’t right enough for this world. DANGEROUS F’ING THOUGHTS.

Navigating the World with Unedited Wisdom

Look, I began my career open and willing to show the polished and unpolished me; if you’re working with me, I’m sure you’ve received one of my unedited videos in response to a text. In a world full of deep fakes, I’m committed to remaining true to myself, tapping into my deep wisdom, including the healthy skepticism that arises when presented with empirical evidence from experts

You don’t need more advice, so I’ll honour you by honouring me, an outside-the-box thinker with a knack for evoking what you already deeply know, witnessing, and walking with you in a way that aligns with your deepest desires, even if they seem scary and unattainable.

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