Uncovering Your Buried Treasure: The Ancient Map Guiding Your Financial Future

Uncovering Your Buried Treasure: The Ancient Map Guiding Your Financial Future

Money, Personal Growth

Written by Tracey

May 11, 2023

If your financial situation has been on your mind lately, you’re not alone!  For many, having a conversation about anything that ultimately involves a financial transaction can be an emotional roller coaster. Money is a loaded topic because we each have different emotional relationships with our finances. These represent unique challenges but also offer many opportunities.

The key to unlocking a new financial future is just beneath the surface of your current money situation. Your very own buried treasure. What ancient map are you unconsciously following? ~ Tracey Burns

Belief systems deeply influence your emotional relationship with money, and a vital aspect of this influence is the presence of money scripts. Money scripts are your subconscious beliefs and narratives about money, often ingrained from childhood experiences and societal influences. These scripts significantly impact financial well-being by shaping behaviours, decisions, and economic outcomes.

Your belief systems and money scripts intertwine to form a complex web of perceptions and attitudes toward wealth. For instance, if you hold a money script that equates financial success with self-worth, you may constantly strive for more money and possessions to validate your value as an individual. This script can lead to a relentless pursuit of wealth, potentially sacrificing your mental well-being, relationships, and overall life satisfaction.

One of my money scripts was, “It is not polite to talk about money,” which made me awkward in any money conversation. In addition, the script always running in the background hindered me when negotiating loans and mortgages. In fact, I avoided those kinds of discussions at all costs. As a result, I missed out on lower rates, deals, and business opportunities. I also should have asked for advice and contacted potential mentors, which cost me in the early days of operating my business. This is only one of many money scripts that impacted my financial well-being.

Imagine your money script emphasizes scarcity or fear of running out of money. In that case, you may adopt overly cautious financial behaviours, limiting your ability to take calculated risks or invest in opportunities that could lead to financial growth. This script may also hinder your ability to enjoy the present and practice generosity, as you are constantly preoccupied with worries about financial security.

Not all money scripts have negative implications. Some money scripts promote healthy financial habits and well-being. For example, a money script emphasizing the importance of saving and living within your means can foster financial stability, resilience, and a sense of control over your finances. Similarly, money scripts prioritizing long-term financial planning, such as investing for the future or education, can contribute to building wealth and securing a better financial future.

Understanding your money scripts and their influence on your financial behaviours is crucial for cultivating a positive relationship with money.

You can consciously reshape your beliefs and develop a healthier money mindset by identifying and challenging harmful scripts hindering your economic well-being.

Reflecting on your values and beliefs can help you set realistic financial goals aligned with your principles. Doing so helps to ensure that your financial decisions are driven by what is important to you rather than just short-term pleasure, internal or external pressure. Additionally, set reasonable goals to foster feelings of success, which will significantly enhance your self-esteem and well-being.

Cultivate a robust support network of individuals to provide guidance, offer advice, and inspire you to re-envision financial matters. Expanding your financial knowledge through education on budgeting, investing, retirement savings, debt management, and insurance policies facilitates well-informed decisions.

In summary, belief systems, intertwined with money scripts, significantly impacts your financial well-being. Recognizing the power of your money scripts and consciously shaping them to align with your values and goals will allow you to make informed financial decisions, cultivate healthier money mindsets, and ultimately enhance your overall financial well-being.

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