Money on your mind this year?

Money on your mind this year?

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Written by Tracey

January 18, 2023

Financial markets pitch and roll, housing markets are hot and cold, up and down. Economists speculate and give educated forecasts based on patterns and trends, history and forecasting. On any given day there is a barrage of external financial information for us to sort through. 


Making money the way a happy millionaire would means doing the things you love to do and sharing that gift or talent with others. ~Ken Honda

What you might know is that all of that external information falls within what you already know and weaves itself within your old money stories, beliefs and dusty deep narratives.

This is where things get interesting! Exploring the root causes of your current financial situation leads to everlasting change.

Just like happiness, money truly is an inside job.

You can have money and happiness, one isn’t dependent on the other. When you separate them, you’ve got the potential to create a whole new financial future for yourself.

You can begin to excavate the narratives and beliefs driving your current financial state by exploring your language. Here are some questions to get you started…

What do you catch yourself saying about money?

What thoughts do you regularly have regarding money?

What results (or lack thereof) have you produced financially?

Uncover the answers, then take a look at the narratives driving your behaviour and there you’ll discover some of your ingrained habits. 

Your thoughts and language regarding money will guide your accounting habits, the actions you’ll take or not take. For example, do you look at your bank statements every month?  Do you consistently record your expenses accurately every month? 

Adopting habits that support your financial goals require you to be disciplined and committed. Adopting these accounting practices is dependent on a healthy attitude or frame of mind towards them.

If you’re already eye rolling and relate to these as boring or not necessary because you believe that focusing on finances implies that you aren’t wealthy, you’ve just proven my point. Your funky narratives are creating mischief with what’s possible for you in the area of money.

This is only the tip of the iceberg!

Creating new financial results includes examining your income, how you spend your money (expenses) and also how you grow it. Whether you like it or not, all of this is governed by your psychology, your deep narratives and beliefs, including what you learned about money growing up. 

The good news is that no matter how impossible your financial situation feels, new results are possible if you’re willing to confront long held beliefs you’ve adopted both from your lifetime and those who’ve gone before you. You’ll be able to distinguish much through self reflection and… that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  

The journey is fascinating!

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