The Bomb Proof Executive Program

Change your leadership, change your life.

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The Bomb Proof Executive Program

Personal Impact

Raise your self-awareness, build extraordinary new ways of communicating and relating and, ultimately, transform how you think about yourself and others.

Professional Impact

Develop your authentic style of leadership, skillfully navigate conflict and learn how to convey trust and build rapport. Understand triggers and emotions.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE LEADER you were born to be. 

For organizations and businesses to succeed in a world of constant change, they need leaders who are resilient during times of high stress and capable of leading others through transition to create an environment where employees are cultivated and encouraged to thrive.

Develop agility and resilience

Understand emotions and triggers

Boost your self awareness

Deepen your listening skills

Deliver impactful feedback

Understand the subtleties of group dynamics

Explore the impact of your way of being

Learn to lead, coach and inspire

Commitment & Results

Cause powerful results purposefully, stay focused on what matters. 

Conflict & Change

Transform messy chaos into creative, game changing opportunity. 

Feedback & Accountability

Invest in people’s potential, learn love based accountability.

Trust & Rapport

Create harmonious relationships and safe spaces where all people thrive.

Who is the Bomb Proof Executive For?

This highly versatile, one-of-a-kind program is for high potential individuals, executives, leaders, and managers within any industry and sector, whether public or private. Using a unique and intentional combination of ontological coaching and facilitation, Tracey delivers real-time results. Self paced, easy to follow and when implemented, guaranteed to cause shifts both personally and professionally.

What is the format of the program?

8 Modules | Listen, Read, Watch | Ebook Included

Several team members want to sign up, is there a discount?

Absolutely, we offer multiple discounts depending on how many of your team participates, send us a message and we’ll calculate the percentage for you.

How long does it take to complete?

We’d prefer if you paced yourself based on measurable changes you experience. Said simply, you’ll know you’re ready to move on to the next module when you begin to experience changes in your workplace. Focus on the journey vs completing the course.

Is this training something I can put on my CV (resume)?

Yes and we’d be honoured if you did. Upon completion, we’ll issue you a micro certificate you can download and tuck into your records. 

What if I want to review the materials after I've completed the program?

Yes, at this point we’d like you to have full access to the program for as long as you require. In addition, we’d be happy to reset your course counter so you can gauge your review progress. Just ask us!

How Much Does The Bomb Proof Cost?

The investment for The Bomb Proof Executive is $1299 USD.

We also offer a payment plan (10 monthly payments of $129 USD)

Ask us about our team discounts.

General Manager, Schnitzer Steel

Tracey has a dynamic personality with skills to coach an individual how to change old concepts into new perceptions. Tracey offers a balanced approach for dealing with difficult situations and provides clarity of vision. She wants her clients to be successful and can prepare them to reach their potential.

Manager, Arbutus Grove Nursery

A profound, unique experience. Not only do I feel more confident at work, a welcome side effect is that I’m calmer and better equipped to cope with life’s stressors. My partner thanks you!

Production Manager, Viking Air

My biggest takeaway was my awareness of myself and my emotions at work. Also learning how to dissipate big emotions by recognizing them first and then learning. to refocus on what happened, what’s missing, what’s next.

Maintenance & Flight Ops Director

I’ve thought of you often, especially The Bomb Proof Executive Program and all the skills you brought to the table, many of which I’m seeing come up recently. I’ve thought to myself several times, Tracey really brought the good stuff in for us to learn. I feel it’s so important to share with others when they have an impact on your life, your thoughts, and your actions. I felt it important to pass on to you that you were and are appreciated, your insight and knowledge and willingness to share is seen and felt, and I’m very grateful I was given the opportunity to sit in the classroom and learn about things that still resonate with me, and which I continue to reflect on.

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