Values Exercise

Values form the foundation of your life and subconsciously guide your choices. As you participate in the Values Exercise some of your life choices may suddenly bring you an aha moment, you'll begin to see a pattern in the choices you've made both personally and professionally. 
Tracey · January 16, 2023

Values Step 1 : Your Life Experience

Think about your life this far and how subconscious values may have governed your choices without you even knowing it.


Values Step 2 : Time To Brainstorm

Support to brainstorm and dig a little deeper with some guidance and writing prompts.


Values Step 3 : Brainstorming Wrap Up

A review of your collected information, a further chance to brainstorm and hone in before we get to the business of distinguishing your values.


Values Step 4 : Review and Condense

Reviewing and condensing the values, ideas and words you’ve come up with so far.


Values Step 5 : Prioritize & Complete

Prioritizing your words and learning to trust your intuition. Discovering your values!


Values Step 6 : Applying Your Values

Some final questions to help you improve your life and gain the most from completing this exercise.


Tracey Burns, MCC

Set yourself up for success!

You’ll need a notepad and pen for this exercise along with a playful attitude or frame of mind.

Participate in this exercise in a space you love that is most likely to stimulate reflective, creative thinking.

Light a candle, play some music, dance before you start, pour yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee, don’t take yourself too seriously! Bring play and lightness and you’ll find your answers start popping.

Let’s get started!

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