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This course will give you the tools to succeed in a world of constant change. Develop agility and resilience, boost your self-awareness, deepen your listening skills, skillfully navigate conflict, convey trust and build rapport with others. Gain insight into triggers and emotions and develop an authentic style of leadership.
Tracey · February 6, 2021

Understanding Perspective, Context & Self Awareness

Unlock the subtle nuances in communication. Learn how to leverage the power of self awareness. 

Module 1

The Multiple Levels of Listening

Explore the benefits of exploring beyond the conversation level of communication. 

 Module 2

Listening Filters

Explore the mental frameworks through which you interpret and understand incoming information shaped by your perceptions, biases, and influencing how you interpret and respond to others.

Module 3

An Intro to Emotional Intelligence

Understanding emotional intelligence is crucial as it helps navigate relationships, manage emotions effectively, make sound decisions, and enhance overall well-being.

Module 4

Understanding Triggers & Emotions

Understanding triggers and emotions allows for self-awareness and better regulation, leading to healthier responses and improved interpersonal relationships.

Module 5

Capitalizing on Feedback

Capitalizing on feedback drives personal growth, improves performance, and fosters learning by leveraging insights and making meaningful adjustments.

Module 6

Healthy Assertion A Paradigm Shift

Being assertive fosters effective communication, boundary-setting, self-confidence, and the ability to express needs and opinions respectfully.

Module 7

Leader As Coach Intro

Elevate your leadership impact: Empower, Develop, and Inspire with Coaching Skills.

Module 8

Tracey Burns, MCC

Set yourself up for success!

Establish a growth mindset and openness to learning. Go slow to speed up. You’ll achieve better results from this course if you travel through the modules over 4 to 6 months.

Engage actively with the course material and resources. Think of ways to engage with what you’re learning and to practice. 

Use the course tools to gain insight into your  emotions and to develop your authentic leadership style.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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